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Yesterday's Threads
History / Background
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Getting started...

How it all began

When I was around 10 years old, my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  I spent alot of time with a neighbor while Mama was undergoing radiation therapy.  This neighbor changed my life by introducing me to crochet.  My first pieces were awkward and ugly, to say the least, and I crocheted every one for Mama.  Of course, she still has them and is still proud of them!

When I was 16 or 17, I made my first quilt for Home Economics class.  After that I kept right on going.  Quilting and crocheting became my everyday activity.  First it was just quilts, then crocheted baby christening gowns, doilies, shawls, etc.  After my children came along, my hobby was scaled down to just doing it while watching television.

January 1, 2003

The Here and Now

Crocheted wedding dress, ring pillow, bouquet, and cake topper

I remarried a couple of years ago and crocheted my own wedding dress.  After that, I felt confident enough to try just about any pattern.  My current love affair is with beaded crochet.  I started this a few months ago and have found myself "hooked"!  There is just something about stringing all those beads and then seeing a pattern come to life. 
It's been 25 years since I was that little girl just learning the basic stitches and I still have alot to learn and am enjoying every minute of it!